Circulation example

In the future, the circulation value of FSC will be reflected in the following aspects:

Ecological circulation

Based on the FON smart chain, many applications will be derived, such as mining wallets, DEX exchanges, blockchain payments, etc., while FON and its tokens on the chain can be exchanged with all digital currencies, supporting the ecosystem. All circulation transactions and payments in all aspects, such as receipts and payments, transfers, legal currency transactions, deposits, withdrawals, currency voting, STO gateways, currency distribution, lending, charity, games, shopping malls, etc., are all served by FON tokens. And settle with legal currencies from all over the world.

In addition to circulation within the FON smart chain ecosystem, it will also be circulated within third-party applications developed based on public chain technology and exist as the only value token. This will accelerate the circulation of FON and its tokens on the chain, add more circulation value attributes to the scarce FON, and increase the overall value and price.

In terms of versatility

The FON smart chain can adapt to diverse business needs and meet data sharing across business chains. This means that the FON smart chain has a sufficiently common and standard way of recording data, and can represent various structured and unstructured information. , and can meet the cross-chain requirements required as the business scope expands. This provides a value basis for the versatility of FON tokens. This allows FON and its tokens on the chain to circulate more easily in various industries and scenarios around the world.

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