Money never sleeps, but always flows to more efficient places. When the HieSwap founding team entered the DeFi field in early 2022, they were surprised to find that cross-chain transactions were so cumbersome and inefficient.

So the team created HieSwap - reducing the cross-chain transaction time of the blockchain to 3 seconds. This is the first time in the industry that the cross-chain transaction time has been shortened to seconds! This is a landmark breakthrough and another major infrastructure change in the DeFi industry after the Uniswap AMM mechanism, which will change the efficiency of cross-chain transactions and the future pattern.

HieSwap's original cross-chain technology is not only fast, but also has ultra-low handling fees, allowing your assets to circulate freely in various chains safely.

Another particularly gratifying feature of HieSwap is the cross-chain exchange of public chain coins, which solves the gas fee problem in one go and eliminates the need to manually transfer handling fees to the corresponding chain.

HieSwap, the cross-chain protocol HieSwap invested by RosSwap Labs is officially connected to multiple public chains and launched online.

Through the HieSwap cross-chain protocol, users can complete asset transfers between different chains in an environment with low transaction fees and low slippage.

It is reported that the transaction time on HieSwap can be completed in 3 seconds at the fastest, which is 15 times faster than the transaction time of other similar cross-chain solutions on the market.

In addition, HieSwap's stablecoin exchange between multiple chains has sufficient liquidity for each chain, effectively reducing the slippage risk of cross-chain users. In the future, it will access more aggregate transactions between chains and will support cross-chain transactions. Exchange tokens and give users multiple choices.

Cross-chain principles and mechanisms

HieSwap is a decentralized trading platform deployed on multiple public chains (currently supporting seven chains: FSC, BSC, Heco, Oec, TRON, Polygon and ETH). It has the characteristics of security, low transaction fees, and fast speed. It integrates cross-chain and aggregation transactions, and is committed to allowing all users to enjoy ultra-low fees and low slippage to complete the exchange of assets between single or dual chains.

HieSwap advantages

  1. Security

This is the most basic guarantee. HieSwap has taken security into consideration from the beginning, and uses unique technology to ensure that users will not encounter security problems during use.

  1. Ultra-low fees

Saving you money is our hope. In HieSwap, you only need to pay low cross-chain handling fees to complete cross-chain transactions quickly and safely. Gas fees and target chain transaction fees will be charged by the corresponding chain.

  1. As fast as lightning

Fast is our original intention and goal in creating this platform. In the ever-changing blockchain, time means efficiency and money. Through our original cross-chain technology, we have improved cross-chain transactions from more than 3 minutes to less than 9 seconds. Cross-chain transactions have since entered the era of seconds.

DeFi innovation has brought new vitality to the blockchain, promoted the birth of decentralized exchanges (DEX), and been recognized by users. However, the inconvenience and long time of cross-chain transactions bring a very bad experience to users. In the ever-changing blockchain market, time is money, because extremely long transaction times bring huge economic losses to users.

HieSwap uses original technology to reduce blockchain cross-chain transactions from the previous minutes to seconds, up to 3 seconds at the fastest. It only charges low transaction fees for cross-chain transactions while ensuring security, which gives users Brings great convenience.

It is our mission to allow users to freely move their assets, so that your money never sleeps.

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