Ecological sector overview

The FON Smart Chain ecosystem is a comprehensive decentralized platform designed to empower individuals and organizations by leveraging innovative blockchain technology. With a strong focus on speed, scalability and security, the ecosystem aims to revolutionize enterprises The approach to operations and individual transactions provides a solid foundation for a wide range of applications, including DeFi, supply chain management, gaming, and more.

The core of the FON Smart Chain ecosystem is: FON and Roselle.

FON is the native currency of FON Smart Chain

Tokens issued to encourage users and third-party partners to participate in ecological construction and other activities are redeemable for value resources and rights within the FON smart chain. At the same time, FON smart chain, as an underlying infrastructure that integrates multi-form digital assets, can derive more other smart assets through financial smart contracts.

Roselle is FSC’s first benchmark ecology, a ten thousand times ecology

Its economic model has decentralization, scarcity, liquidity, applicability, provides users with pledge rewards, participates in ecosystem growth and other benefits. Roselle is designed to be a secure and efficient medium of exchange that supports all trading ecosystems.

FON Smart Chain currently has officially launched products and ecological sectors:

RosSwap: RosSwap is the first new DEX-RosSwap based on the FON Smart Chain (FSC) public chain.

Time Farm Gamefi: Time Farm is a decentralized blockchain game based on FON intelligent chain operation.

HieSwap: HieSwap, a cross-chain protocol invested by RosSwap Labs, has officially been launched on multiple public chains. Currently, the protocol has achieved cross-chain conversion between seven chains: FONChain, BNBCChain, HECO, Ethereum, OKXChain, Polygon and TRON.

Myth NFT: Myth NFT cards are divided into four rarity types, namely: creation, classic, rare, and myth. Each unique NFT designed by civilizations from ancient times to the present is a source of equity dividends.

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