Application target

The goal of FON Smart Chain is to use self-developed public chain technology and combine it with the characteristics of blockchain technology to build a fair, open and comprehensive application system. Solve the trust and fairness issues currently faced by the industry and make the entire competitive environment more fair, open and efficient. FSC's mission is to build a complete value ecosystem for global businesses and users in the blockchain era, and hopes that this ecosystem can provide protection for users' free will and personal value, especially the value of time.

The major platforms are establishing barriers in the business world, splitting the entire crypto world, and turning into isolated islands one after another. The bridges between various economies have long been ruthlessly torn down. Not only that, they have also built high-rise buildings. of walls. FSC hopes to provide a more ideal ecological environment for global users in the blockchain era and achieve interoperability between independent ecologies. FSC will build bridges between each continent, allowing everyone to understand this blockchain technology from a new dimension. A new world of encryption is being built.

The original design intention of FSC is to build a multi-dimensional public chain system. Through cross-chain technology, a complete cross-chain solution is built to be mounted on the FSC public chain, and the unified digital currency produced by blockchain technology is used for rewards:

■ Token economic solutions

■ Multi-application interoperability (digital currency transactions, DeFi, NFT) solutions

■ Digital asset issuance and circulation ecosystem

■ Payment ecological interoperability solution

When FSC participants make contributions to FSC, we will provide them with corresponding reasonable returns based on the calculation of the contribution mechanism. As a commercial application-level blockchain solution, the ecological construction and transformation and upgrading problems of third-party commercial institutions can also be solved through the application of FSC.

FSC will completely reshape the existing Internet operating model, transform the economic incentive system itself into a system that can circulate within the system, and create a completely decentralized Internet value transmission ecosystem that is also a completely open community ecosystem that transcends National boundaries allow every participant to obtain corresponding value expression.

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