Token economy

The FON native currency has a profound logical connection with the value, incentive, governance and security of the underlying FON smart chain, which embodies the value characteristics of FON.

■ From the perspective of value, FON embodies the carrier of “trust value” and “consensus value”; ■ From an incentive perspective, FON is an economic reward that encourages the participation of “bookkeepers” in the network;

■ From a governance perspective, FON native currency is the equity certificate for participating in the FON smart chain network;

■ From a security perspective, the existence of value incentives improves the network security of the FON smart chain.

FON will run on the FON Smart Chain just like ETH runs on Ethereum, therefore, it is the "native currency" of the FON Smart Chain. This means that in addition to FON being used to pay most of the fees on the FON smart chain, it will also be used to:

■ Pay the “fee” to deploy smart contracts on the FON smart chain

■ Pledge the selected FON smart chain verifier and receive corresponding rewards

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