Time Farm

Time Farm is a decentralized blockchain game based on the FON smart chain. It is currently a popular GameFI chain game.

Time Farm not only combines NFT and blockchain mining, but also incorporates the currently popular Farm elements, making the entire game richer in content.

Time Farm technical features

Time Farm is an on-chain game based on the underlying public chain technology of Web3.

The data is uploaded to the chain throughout the entire process, and the node blocks are packaged, making it open and transparent.

Time Farm has carried out innovation and reform on the basis of the chain game Farmer World. Be fair, just and open.

Highlights of Time Farm:

  1. The four resource import and export tokens are all Roselle, which solves the pain point of the continuous increase in game tokens. The resources in the game, meat, wood, and stone, are benchmarked against gold, and gold is benchmarked against Roselle.

  2. All resources are zero pre-mined, everything starts from scratch, and all participants are on the same starting line to ensure fairness and justice.

  3. Draw blind box double-sign random numbers to eliminate the possibility of anyone grabbing advanced equipment and ensure fairness and openness.

  4. The 4,200 blind boxes will never be issued again, and participants must synthesize their own equipment to ensure the sustainable operation of the game.

  5. The game integrates fun, relevance, and circulation, and is complementary and interlocking. Be competitive in the GAMEFI industry!

  6. Game token permissions are discarded and plunged into a black hole. The quantities of meat, wood, stone, and gold tokens are 40W, 37W, 30W, and 118W respectively. They will never be issued additionally to ensure the automatic balance principle of the game token resource market.

  7. Just click once every 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours a day. You don’t have to stare at your phone all the time to play, which saves time, effort and money.

  8. The NFT trading market is online in the FSC area of AVE, and equipment can be traded at any time, making it more attractive. TIMEFARM is the first NFT section of AVE. AVE has been in the currency circle for many years and has many users in the currency circle. When the value of the game becomes larger and larger, a lot of traffic will come in.

  9. When game resources are turned into tokens, there are 5-12% transaction fees, which are packaged into financial products, 30% of which are distributed to Roselle equity pledgers.

Time Farm Leverage Logic

  1. Chain games empower Luoshen and are also a tool for evangelism in the entire community:

The initial equipment is purchased fairly through a million-level blind box, and everyone who grabs it will make money. At the beginning, no one understood the logic of the game. Many people did not rush to grab it, but later quickly bought Luo, exchanged resources, and combined equipment, and they also made money. This is playing to earn evangelism.

  1. Three lever logic

The first lever: no matter what equipment you combine, no matter how much your principal is, your output income will be there every day, and the income will continue to be stable.

The second lever: when you produce resources, you can switch to Roselle, and Roselle is the first benchmark of FSC and a ten thousand-fold ecosystem. Through various empowerment and evangelism, Roselle will rise, and you will make money again, and you can do so at any time. Realize.

The third lever: One day, when you have earned enough, you stop playing. You can go to the NFT trading market at any time to trade at the price you want, and finally your equipment will be sold back to its original value or even higher.

  1. Through the game, you not only earn free resources, but also get dividends from the rise of Luoshen. You can also sell your equipment NFT at a high price. Invest once and earn three times. This is the logic of leverage. Through leverage logic, you will find that making money is so easy. Chain game Time Farm creates miracles!

The emergence of Time Farm breaks the bottleneck of existing blockchain games and the business logic of traditional game development, returns game revenue and value to players, and subverts the traditional game model with a new gameplay that combines blockchain technology and concepts, to better protect the interests of players, allowing players to not only enjoy the fun of the game, but also obtain benefits from it, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation between the platform and players.

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