1. Step 1 (Open the official website)

Use Google Chrome to enter MetaMask official website https://metamask.io

2. Step 2 (add plugin)

Add through Google, install the "MetaMas" plug-in, click Add to Chrome

3. Step 3 (Create wallet)

After installing the "MetaMas" plug-in, choose the way you want to import

The latest version of MetaMas import only supports mnemonic words, please develop the habit of saving mnemonic words.

4. Step 4 (add network)

After the import or creation is complete, officially enter the "MetaMas" wallet, select Add Network, and add the basic information of the mainnet

5. Step five (manually added)

Manually add mainnet network information, as well as RPC and browser related information

6. Step 6 (Network parameters)

Network name: FON Chain

RPC URL: the current official public RPC

Chain ID: 201022
Currency symbol: FON
Browser URL: https://fonscan.io

7. Step 7 (Complete the operation)

Adding the above completes the use of adding the FON Chain network through "MetaMas"

Kind tips:

Please be sure to keep your mnemonic or private key in a safe place to avoid loss of assets.

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