Using FON Chain through Bitkeep Wallet

  1. Download the Bitkeep wallet through the Bitekkep official website, and enter the Bitkeep App after the download is complete

  1. After entering the Bitkkep App, click to create a wallet, or import a wallet to create a new wallet, click to backup

  1. Back up your mnemonic, please be sure to copy the mnemonic in a safe environment for verification

  1. After creating a wallet, click All Networks to switch to the FSC network

  1. Because Bitkkep supports multiple chains, you can quickly add them by searching for FSC After adding, click the + icon to add assets

  1. By selecting the assets to be added, you can also search through the contract address Return to the wallet and display the assets you added So far, you have completed the creation of the FSC wallet through Bitkeep

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