Run validator

Validator hardware requirements

  • A VPS running the latest version of Mac OS X or Linux.

  • Important 2T GB free disk space, Solid State Drive (SSD), gp3, 8k IOPS, 250MB/S throughput, read latency <1ms (NVMe SSD required if booting with snapshot/quick sync)

  • 16-core CPU and 64 GB of memory (RAM)

  • We recommend using the m5zn.3xlarge instance type on AWS, or c2-standard-16 on Google Cloud.

  • Broadband Internet connection with upload/download speed of 10 megabytes per second

Set up a validator

1.Synchronize block information

Follow the instructions here to set up a full node.

Start the validator

!!!Warning Please do not expose your RPC endpoints to the public network.

## generate the consensus key and input the password
echo {your-password to the mining account} > password.txt
geth --datadir data \
--networkid 201022 \
--nodiscover \
--syncmode full \
--password password.txt \
--allow-insecure-unlock \
--unlock {the address of your mining account} \
--miner.gasprice 45000000000 \
--mine \
--miner.threads 1 \
--miner.gaslimit 80000000

Stop verification

You can stop mining new blocks by sending the command in the geth console

Connect to your validator using geth attach ipc:path/to/geth.ipc


To resume verification,


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